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About Us

Ron Rank

Having worked with home buyers and sellers for over 40 years as a professional licensed real estate agent, Ron Rank understands the dynamics of getting one's financial life in order. He loves the opportunity to help anyone achieve their financial goals, and is dedicated to the mission of educating individuals and families the core basics of money-management, leading them to a more rewarding lifestyle now and at the time of retirement.

The Equity Minder software platform is a self-directed one, and it helps anyone eliminate debt and build wealth, regardless of their current financial circumstances. The software platform maximizes the highest and best use of the end-users net discretionary income every month, creating a pathway to a more rewarding lifestyle. It is not an exaggeration on my part to state that end-users of our software platform will save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by following the recommendations of the wealth acceleration plan that is outlined for them by the software platform.

Real Numbers. Real Savings.